Picture this: a beautiful, hot summer day in mid-July and, bonus, it’s a Saturday! The only thing on your mind is catching some rays and heading to the beach, of course!

Every time I pack for the beach, I think about how I wish I could just snap my fingers and appear there. There’s nothing worse than spending an hour packing and then noticing everything you forgot when you get to the beach. Well, don’t you worry! We are here to help ease those packing woes!

Step one – Grab Your Bag
If you’re a light packer (and nothing against that), throw a drawstring on your back. If you pack more than you need, like me, you’ll grab a bigger backpack for space and comfort.

Step two – Grab The Essentials
Now that you’ve got your bag, it’s time to load it up. As you zig-zag around the house grabing everything you need don’t forget, sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, a lunch kit or cooler, a few towels, your beach chair, plenty of water, and some snacks. Now, you’re 99% positive you’ve remembered it all.

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Step three – Enjoy the Ride
Finally, you’re ready to hit the road! You’ve got your car windows rolled down, the sun is shining bright, and you’re picturing that exact moment when you step onto the hot sand and feel the cool breeze hit your face as it comes off the water.

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