What do classrooms, offices, and libraries all have in common? They are all dedicated workspaces. They create an environment of focus. With work-from-home measures still in place for many, and a new normal for some, there is no better time like the present to spruce up that space. Here are five tips to make your space look nicer, feel better, and improve your focus!

1. Find a Desk

Simply grabbing your laptop and plopping down on your couch or bed is not the best way to feel focused and motivated to do your work. You need to separate yourself from your home routine as much as possible, and the best way to do that is to sit at a desk outfitted for work only. If you don’t have a desk, you can order one on amazon or use your dining room table, vanity, or TV dinner stand.


2. Create Boundaries

Try your best to mimic your office space at home. This means remove all non-work-related distractions. Do not use your at-home office space for anything but work. If your family calls for you, leave your workspace and meet them elsewhere in your house. This will help you focus better as you begin to associate your desk, or whatever you’re using, as work only.

3. Posture is Key

Your workspace will feel far more appealing if it’s comfortable. Make sure the chair you are using is upright and supportive. If your chair lacks cushion, add a pillow to support your lower back all day! If your chair is super uncomfortable, add two pillows. Add one on the seat and one on the back of the chair. It will feel like sitting on a cloud!

Tip: If you need extra lumbar support, take a blanket or towel, roll it up, and place it between your chair and lower back for more support.


4. Become the Best Plant Parent

There is a reason so many people have plants in their offices– it brings a sense of life and freshness to long workdays. Add your favorite plants and flowers to liven up your space! You can place them on the desk or hang them on the wall. It will help you use your workspace more, since you’ll have to go there to water them, but it will also add some color.


5. Lighting

Add a lamp on your desk or hang some string lights to make your workspace feel more inviting. Just remember to stick with warm light instead of white light. Bright white light can tire your eyes quickly and make your space feel like a doctor’s office. Also, the warm lighting, oppose to harsh white light, will help you look better on virtual calls.

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