Due to the Coronavirus, Independence Day looks a little different this year, so let’s dive into how we can celebrate while maintaining social distancing.

How to set up your backyard for a social distancing barbecue

1. The Guest List
July 4th is a great opportunity to get together with friends and family. Due to the circumstances surrounding the past few months, this year will be extra exciting as you catch up with the people that you haven’t been able to see in a while

2. The Grub
Grab hamburgers, hot dogs, buns, condiments, fruits, dessert, and plenty of water and soda. Remember, no amount of food is ever too much, so just get it all! Oh, and don’t forget to buy a healthy amount of hand sanitizer this year!

Credit: freepik

3. The Décor
Streamers, balloons, flag decorations, red, white and blue cups, napkins, plates, tablecloths, and anything else you think is patriotic and festive!

Credit: Flickr Anders Ruff

4. The Space
Decorate both the front and back yard, and rent enough tables and chairs, so everyone has a seat – and are at least six feet apart!

5. The Threads
Head to toe red, white, and blue, with stars and stripes all over! Let your shirt, shorts, hat, and even socks show off your July 4th spirit.

6. The Memories
This is a great holiday for family gatherings! July 4th is about great weather, great company, and great food as you chill out and relax with the closest people in your life! Make sure to have a camera close by to cement those memories for years to come.

Credit: freepik

7. The After Party
When everyone’s gone their separate ways, the sun goes down, and the stars come out, sit back and relax with a pillow and blanket while enjoying the fireworks!

Credit: freepik

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