Spending the weekend at home with your family? Check out some of our recommendations on the best movies to watch that will be sure to grab you and your family’s attention!

Harry Potter

After eight movies, you are bound to have fallen in love with the Harry Potter movies– leading to even more family movie nights than you initially planned. The series follows a young Harry Potter through his journey and struggles against a dark wizard as he grows into a young adult. The Harry Potter series demonstrates that you must believe in yourself, friendships are crucial, and you can face any fear. Sit down, relax, and snuggle up with your Hogwarts blanket.


What’s better than a movie night full of dancing, singing, and laughing? Nothing! So follow along with the bright and colorful Trolls as they set out on a journey to rescue their friends in this feel-good, happy, and giddy movie. Oh, and make sure to sing along with your very own Trolls Cloud Pillow.

Finding Dory

For fans of Finding Nemo, dive into a similar ocean journey with Dory. Go on an adventure to help Dory, the blue tang fish suffering from memory loss, find her parents who she was separated from as a child.

Incredibles 2

Fourteen years later and the Incredibles are back in action! Elastigirl, Violet Parr, Edna “E” Mode, Voyd, Jack-Jack, Mr. Incredible, and many more are ready to take on another mission. Grab your blanket and hold on tight; you’re in for a wild ride. 


The film Frozen highlights the strong sisterly bond between Anna and Elsa, princesses of Arendelle. This movie will have you singing along with your family all night. Dress up as AnnaElsa, or Olaf as you enjoy the magical journey Disney takes you on. 


Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, and many more of your all-time favorite heroes join forces in one of the most epic Marvel movies– The Avengers. As earth’s mightiest heroes come together to fight as a team, you are bound to love this head-turning movie filled with more action than you could have ever imagined! 


Imagine getting bit by a spider and turning into one of the most famous Marvel Comics’ superheroes known to man. Well, that is what happened to Peter Parker. Get comfy on the couch and rest your head on your incredibly soft, super stretchy, and ultra-comfortable cloud pillow as you join Spider-Man on a wild ride.


In this film, Lightning McQueen learns that life is full of ups and downs, but it’s all part of the journey. This family-friendly movie teaches you to enjoy the ride and not race to the finish line. Grab your “Fast Partners” Cloud Throw Blanket and get ready for the journey of a lifetime! 

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