Are you bored? Do you have a dog? If you answered yes to those two questions, we have a fun way for you to relieve some stress: dress up your dog in costumes or objects from around your home. It will put an instant smile on your face, and you will wonder why you haven’t done it sooner. Enjoy these four different ways you can recreate iconic movie scenes with your dog!

For the Disney-obsessed, dressing up your dog in dresses that match your favorite Disney Princess is a great way to spike the imagination. You can either find dog costumes from your local pet store or go all out and utilize your beginner photoshop skills. Your insta followers will love it, but you’ll love it even more.

credit: Instagram @christianawalker
credit: Instagram @lil.hobbs

Film enthusiasts listen up— recreate the iconic scene from James Cameron’s Titanic. Feel on top of the world and draw your dog like one of your French girls! Take some time out of your day and sit down to draw your pup. It’s a chance to admire your dog and start a new hobby. Like Rose said, you will never let go… of that new found love for drawing your dog!

credit: Instagram @bitcoinpug
credit: Instagram @bitcoinpug

You can’t say that you haven’t wished for your dog to be fluffy once or twice over the years. While you may not be able to find a three-headed dog, you can dress your dog in Harry Potter merchandise and act like you’re in Hogwarts. The Northwest sells Harry Potter themed blankets and comfy throw’s to make this DIY a breeze!

Northwest’s Harry Potter, “Hogwarts Rules” Adult Comfy Throw Blanket with Sleeves. Picture credit: Instagram @colbycheesedoodle
Northwest’s Harry Potter, Marauder’s Map Woven Tapestry Throw. Picture credit: Instagram @vicisreading

Han Solo has Wookie; we have our dog. Same thing, right? Well, it definitely can be. Star Wars is beloved by so many people from all generations. This movie scene recreation is fun for everyone! If you have multiple dogs, dress them as the dark side and the Jedi. Then sit back and watch your very own remake of the franchise.

credit: Instagram @caspianthetoypoodle
credit: Instagram @poochofnyc

Header Image: @senvipetro

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