Do you ever have an itch to buy something new? After scrolling for hours, looking at ten thousand different online shops, you feel discouraged. You want something fun and new for your home or closet, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg. The next best option is to make it yourself! Right now, shopping at thrift stores is rising in popularity. This is because you can find cheap and unique pieces to alter to your desired look or into entirely different things. Here are some great sources you can utilize when you’re ready to transform an item!


  • Dresses: A type of dress you can find at any thrift store, or inside any grandmother’s closet, is big, flowy dresses that have fun patterns. These are very easy to work with when you want to make a whole new look for summer. Coolirpa, a YouTube channel,  has a great playlist of videos offering ideas on how to upscale thrifted items. Check out the videos for garment patterns and ideas.
YouTube coolirpa: “DIY INFINITY ROMPER | Thrifted Transformations”
YouTube coolirpa: “$3 Dress Thrift Flip | Thrifted Transformations”
  • Sweatsuits: A big trend right now is sweat sets. At the thrift store, or any lower-cost store of your choosing, you can easily find basic looking sweatshirts and sweatpants. You can transform those boring items into the latest summer trend by cropping or tie-dying them. Click here for the instructions on how to make the sweatsuit below.
  • Jeans: The easiest way to reinvent old clothing is to whip out the crafting paint! Grab a pair of jeans you don’t wear often, or that need a little more personality, and paint some fun designs on the pockets or legs! For this project, you’ll need regular acrylic paint and fabric solutions– that is so the paint designs last in the washer. All of these items can be found at your local craft store!

Household Items

  • Living room Fun: Blanket Forts

Something fun and light-hearted you can do is grab some blankets from around your house and make a stylish fort! At the Northwest, we offer many fun throws to make the fort a perfect getaway! Also, if you have kids who are superhero fans, turn a blanket into a cape for some at-home fun!

  • Bags and Masks: Find an old t-shirt or left-over fabric and make either a reusable grocery bag or face mask! This is a great way to minimize your spending and waste! This is an excellent option if you want to personalize the face mask you wear every day.
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