Meet the NHL’s 32nd team! The Seattle Kraken is a brand-new NHL team, and we are here to share all the facts you need to know!

History of Hockey in Seattle
Residents of the Emerald City have long awaited this team. It has been nearly 100 years since the Seattle Metropolitans folded—the first US-based team to win a Stanley Cup in 1917.

Following the Seattle Metropolitans, The Seattle Totems were the city’s resident hockey team. They played from 1944-1975, won three championships in the Central Hockey League, but, after acquiring a substantial debt, fell apart.

Now it’s the Seattle Kraken’s turn!

When and Where are They Playing?
The Seattle Kraken is set to play in the remodeled Key Arena, now the Climate Pledge Arena, in 2021.

The Name
Kraken, according to the Merriam Webster dictionary, is a “fabulous Scandinavian sea monster.” The word is Norwegian in origin, which correlates to Seattle as they are known for their Norwegian roots.

Why Kraken?
There’s no definitive answer, but we have a few theories:
– As mentioned before, Kraken is Norwegian in origin, which strongly represents Seattle.
– Kraken is a sea monster, and Seattle is well known for its seaports.
– Finally, Kraken was the name of the sea monster from Pirates of the Caribbean, a movie series produced by the team’s co-owner Jerry Bruckheimer.

The Name is Symbolic
“Hockey has always been here. A sleeping giant ready to be awoken. This city deserves a hockey club as untamed as the sea herself, and when we heard the rallying cry of the fans and their undeniable passion for this name, we knew this was the one.” – Heidi Dettmer, Kraken’s vice president of marketing

The Logo
The logo was meticulously designed to represent the sea monster, Kraken, and the ocean. Their social media team explains it all in the images below.

Be sure to watch out for them during the 2021 season, and check out our new Seattle Kraken merch coming soon!

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