Most colleges across the country have moved to an online platform this semester or a hybrid plan. We know studying from home can be a drag, but here are some tips for how you can make the most of it and feel as immersed in the college experience as possible! 

  1. Surround Yourself with School Pride

Whether you are at home or in your dorm, online learning can make it feel like you are not *actually* at school. The best way to mimic the school vibe is to use blankets, pillows, and more school décor to liven up your space!

Some ideas:

  • Use a blanket as a tapestry or keep it traditional and use it to stay comfortable during class.
  • Use a pillow to help limit back pain during all those Zoom sessions.
  • For real immersion, consider bedding that reps your school!
  1. Routine
Young man student study at home using laptop and learning online

It is so easy and tempting to roll out of bed three minutes before class when it’s online. However, if you really want to feel like you are at school and productive, try to mimic your daily routine as much as possible. Even if you are someone who still gets up last minute before class, try to make it so you have enough time to go to the bathroom, brush your teeth, and change out of your pj’s—maybe even fit in breakfast if you’re feeling it!

  1. Get Some Fresh Air

When classes are held in-person, you get to switch classes and, if they are in different buildings, walk outside—which helps wake you up a little. Zoom fatigue is REAL, and the best way to counteract it is with fresh air. After every class, consider taking a five-minute walk outside.

  1. Focus

We all know it is extremely hard to focus on Zoom. You can turn your camera off and sleep, use your phone without your professor knowing, or mute yourself and listen to music or watch TV. That all sounds very tempting, but it’s not the recipe for success. The best way to focus while studying at home is to create a space designated for studying only—be that a room in your house, or your desk in your dorm room or at home! Check out our post on how to upgrade your work-from-home space for more advice and design inspiration!


  1. Invite Friends

After the academics, or before depending on who you ask, the most important part of college is friends. If you are planning to socially distance/ quarantine with friends this semester, invite them over to take your classes together. It can help you feel less alone during the semester and boost your school spirit! Just make sure you both bring headphones so you aren’t distracted by each other’s classes.

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