The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is expansive. Over ten years, the writers and producers at Marvel managed to create a vast, interwoven narrative that most people adore– whether they read the original comics or not.

The Coronavirus postponed the release of Black Widow, the launch of phase four, to November 2020. As disappointing as that is, it does offer fans the unique opportunity to rewatch all of the MCU before moving on to phase four. Most of us have more time on our hands than ever before, so there is no better time to binge!

The release date of the Marvel movies did not always follow the MCU timeline; so, here is how you can watch all of the MCU in chronological order.

The timeline will only include the MCU films. The Marvel TV series’, despite some insisting their connected, are mostly not connected to the MCU. However, all the upcoming Marvel Disney+ series’ will be tightly interwoven into the MCU.

Now, are you ready to enjoy the MCU in chronological order? If yes, grab your blanket and popcorn and get ready to binge!

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